How to Choose a Global Concrete Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA


Experience is a critical factor in evaluating the experience of a concrete contractor. While choosing a newer, cheaper contractor may seem tempting, experience is more valuable for several reasons. Experienced contractors have built a reputation for creating durable work that stands up to the elements and wears and tear. Customer satisfaction is a critical factor in selecting a concrete contractor. Here are a few tips to make the decision easier. Let’s start with how to look for references and learn more about a concrete contractor’s past work.

It’s helpful to check out the insurance coverage of the concrete contractor. While it may seem unprofessional to inquire about an insurance policy, customers have the right to ask. A general liability insurance policy, which covers the contractor for accidents and damages, is essential. A concrete contractor who does not have adequate insurance coverage could find itself in a lawsuit. To protect your property, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate before hiring them. For more information, check out the contractor’s website or ask a friend or family member for recommendations.


Before you hire a concrete contractor, make sure you check out the quality of their work. You should be able to tell that a company has high-quality standards if they have their website or Facebook page. It’s essential to ensure that your contractor has the experience and can accurately read blueprints. In addition, you should look for a guarantee and a contract from the contractor. A quality concrete contractor should be able to use the latest technology to do their job.

Concrete quality is an integral part of any construction project. Quality concrete construction begins with proper test procedures and attention to detail. Then, it’s inspected to ensure that it meets specifications. Concrete quality can vary by as much as 10% depending on the concrete mix used, and you want to hire a contractor who uses consistent, precise test procedures. In addition to testing the combination, a good contractor should be able to explain the importance of various tests.

Pervious concrete

Properly designed pervious concrete provides first-flush pollution control and stormwater management. With the increase in stormwater regulations, permeable concrete is a green building technique that helps control the amount of water and pollutant load entering streams and lakes. Its advantages include less need for storm sewers and smaller land areas for stormwater management. Concrete contractors can reduce the size of storm sewers and minimize stormwater runoff by incorporating pervious concrete into their projects.

The Pervious Concrete Certification program requires that a person have sufficient experience to pass the written examination. The written test is comprised of 60 multiple-choice questions. An individual must have project experience placing previous concrete to be eligible for certification. They must also have a working knowledge of finishing, jointing, and curing this type of concrete.